Peter John Reid

I was born in Plymouth, England on a beautiful sunny day a few years ago, immigrated to Canada in 1964 and was raised in  north Toronto, rural at first gradually shifting to urban. For the past thirty-some years I have resided in rural Grey County in the heart of Niagara Escarpment country, which has a wealth of beautiful landscapes. I currently live on an idyllic 4-acre wooded property with my partner, visual artist, writer and yoga instructor Bonnie Gardiner.

The creative process has been strong throughout my life - from the time I could first hold a crayon. In-class art every Friday was the highlight of my week in public school. I then attended C.W. Jeffries in North York, a high school  with a dedicated arts program, followed by four years post secondary schooling at the Ontario College of Art, now OCAD U.

Like some famous Canadian painters you may have heard of, I worked in the commercial art field, raising a family and paying the bills, while developing and exploring my craft. I am an avid painter working mostly in acrylics although on occasion I work in oils, water colour and cold wax (similar to encaustics). My paintings are in a number of galleries in Ontario and Nova Scotia  and I can be found on the internet by googling my name -  or 'good looking guys'. I am also a closet sculptor, working in metal, concrete and wood; however the sculpting I do only for myself. 

Striving always to improve my craft has led me to teach. Although reluctant at first, I started a painting group, Studio Twenty, where artists or artist-wanna-be's could come to paint and where I shared some tidbits of information on how to paint. This led to a greater understanding of how to teach what I know and to my authoring three books on how to paint in acrylics, along with multiple paid and u-tube videos.  The videos, books and my teaching  have become a successful and enjoyable part of my life. Twenty has developed into a group of talented painters who have also raised more than $20,000 for our community and local charities through donated paintings.

My partner Bonnie Gardiner is also a painter which makes life a little easier, as being a visual artist becomes a way of life - even when you're not painting you are thinking about painting, or photographing images for your next project, or doing the business side of the art. We have canvases in various stages of completion on review about the house; the art is forever changing on our walls.